Cherry picking real estate investments!



R2Crowd with it’s strategic business partnership with JLL has a tremendous deal velocity (sponsors looking to raise capital). However, we only deal with sponsors who exhibit following characteristics:

1. 10+ years of experience

2. Managed or owns over $50MM of assets (by market value)

3. Provides personal/corporate loan guarantees for the senior loan

4. Project has a viable business plan over the investment time horizon

5. Last 3 years of historic financial statements (review engagement or better quality and prepared by CAs) support next 5 year’s of projections

Max Vo, R2Crowd’s Chief Investment Officer, and his team of underwriters have decades of combined work experience in not only underwriting but also managing commercial real estate across virtually every asset class. They have in the past worked with institutions such as GWLRA, Morguard, Crestpoint, Canada Pension Plan, RBC, CIBC, Telus, Avison Young, Sunlife etc. Our Risk Management process brings the same level of rigour as a Tier 1 lender such as a big Canadian bank.

Less than 5% of the deals that hit our desk make it to our site for fund raising. In each of these deals, we personally invest.

R2Crowd Cherry picks only the best deals and once we do …. we make sure that we ourselves invest in them!

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