FFCON 18 “Velocity”

On March 5-6, 2018 took place the “Velocity”- Fintech and Funding Conference in Toronto. The core of R2 Team was there to share experiences, connect, showcase and explore new partnerships. The attendees enjoyed 5 different streams of content, immersive learning and networking over 2 days, as well as 50+ speakers, among whom was the CEO and Founder of R2 Capital and Investments – Amar Nijjar.

*Hovsep Seraydarian (CTO-R2 Investments); Chad Gemmell (COO-R2 Investments); Amar Nijjar (CEO-R2 Investments)

FFCON 18 brought together fintech leaders, investors and emerging innovators from start-ups to scale-ups to government regulatory bodies and agencies who have a vision for the future of finance. “Velocity” explored the accelerating speed of innovation, adoption and scaling blockchain technologies, cryptocurrency and alternative investing markets.

Find below the full interview with our CEO Amar Nijjar.

Enjoy some photos of our staff members at the conference.



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