FinTech meets multifamily capital

Financial technology, also known as “FinTech”, is defined by Wikipedia as an economic industry composed of companies that use technology to make financial services more efficient. FinTech companies are generally startups, trying to disintermediate incumbent financial systems and challenge traditional corporations that are less reliant on software, using new applications, processes and business models. As of recently, FinTech has entered Canada’s apartment sector, inserting innovation where convention once reigned.

To find out more about how FinTech is disrupting the multifamily capital formation process, Canadian Apartment Magazine met up with Amar Nijjar, Founder & CEO of R2Crowd, and his team at their head office in downtown Toronto. Matthew Bruchkowsky, Senior Director from Colliers Multifamily Appraisal Group was also on hand for the discussion.

To read the full interview follow the link:

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