Help needed: Educate-kids Charity for Children with Disabilities in Developing Countries

Every year we personally reach out to our network and ask to consider donating to the EDUCATE (Education & Development of Underprivileged Children Across The Earth) cause; a charitable organization that I personally oversee. Our mission is to support orphanages in under developed countries that focus on kids with mental and physical disabilities. Often, these kids have no hope and they rely on external help for daily survival. My personal commitment is that every dollar of donation that we raise through our friends, family, business associates and clients goes exclusively to the orphanage. There are no expenses that we deduct from the donations. We also visit (in person) the orphanage that we support and spend a few days with the staff and children to ensure that our funds are properly utilized.

In our last initiative, we went to Peru (outside of Lima) and helped a local orphanage – HOGAR DE LAS BIENAVENTURANZAS – by raising/donating ~$20,000 from our efforts and building a brand new addition to their residence/school so that the kids could learn and play in safety. You can see our pictures from that trip along with additional information at

One of our key initiatives to raise funds is to offer our donors the ability to purchase “Greeting and Holiday cards” that are hand drawn by these children from the orphanage. You can then use these, instead of cards from large shops, to send holiday wishes to your clients. The card comes with a bit of background on the orphanage and is personally signed by the child who made it. All of the proceeds raised this way go to the children at the orphanage.

I am proud to announce that this November we will be traveling to Colombia to partner with “Proyecto Union Foundation” an Orphanage located within Bogota.

Proyecto Union Foundation is a nonprofit organization created to support the vulnerable kids in Columbia. It is focused on the rescue of children with severe illnesses and disabilities that have been abandoned by their families. The foundation cares for these children by providing a multidisciplinary team of social workers and therapists. The pictures below are just a few examples of the amazing things that this foundation does for these helpless children.

Myself and Garret from my team will be traveling to Bogota, Colombia for a few days on November 9th, 2016 to visit the foundation and bring some joy to the children there. Again, to emphasize, the way we operate our charitable endeavors is that 100% of the funds raised goes directly to the children that need it the most. All of the expenses surrounding the trip to Bogota along with any other overhead is covered by me personally. I also personally make a donation to the orphanage.

If you are able to provide a charitable contribution to this cause it would be greatly appreciated by the less fortunate children in Colombia. We will also be hosting a charitable fundraiser in December 2nd week when we return from Colombia. You are most welcome to attend in person or through the web video.

If you would like to make a donation please Click Here.

Although we are not a registered charity yet (working on it), we are able to offer an invoice for purchase of Holiday Greeting cards. Suggested price per card is $25.

Hope you will consider donating to this just cause.

Children from the orphanage above drawing Greeting Cards.

Amar & Chad with Father Omar Sanchez (who runs the orphanage) and the volunteers who do a tremendous job. Real hard work with little pay. These volunteers are the real heroes.

The kids at the orphanage are really awesome!
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