Market Fundamentals and Investment Trends in 2018

During 2017 a number of factors impacted Canada’s commercial real estate sector performance, among which were stronger-than-expected economic growth, energy sector stabilization, higher interest rates and retail sector uncertainty.

Speaking about 2018 and looking ahead the Canadian real estate investment outlook is generally positive and sustained economic growth is expected to continue boosting performance.

Among the most prevailing trends that influence all aspects of commercial real estate are: abundant capital, broad-based demand, attractive debt pricing, focus on quality etc.

A notable trend of the year is continues decrease in the vacancy rate both in downtown and in the suburbs of Toronto. The rate is expected to decrease also in 2018.  See the chart below.


Speaking about the industrial vacancy rates, there is no common trend in this regard.  See the chart below to learn how the indicators differ in each city.



Another rising trend is referred to industrial development charges. There was a rapid increase since 2012, which will continue in 2018.



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Market Fundamentals and Investment Trends in 2018
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