R2 makes strides as online property investor marketplace

We are delighted to share the recently published article on R2 in RENX.

The article discloses our main goals, achievements and the evolution we have undergone since launching.

The founder of R2, Amar Nijjar, told about the core aspects of the success, mentioning the highly professional team the company has as well as the mandatory process each deal undergoes before being selected and published on the platform. As A. Nijjar stated: “Our investors now see us as an online marketplace where they can access high-quality commercial real estate limited partner and preferred share deals across Canada and the United States.”

Moreover, the article reveals information on the company’s largest projects, the diversified portfolio and core assets it offers to its investors.

“Our internal customer relationship management, marketing and data systems are unmatched in the industry,” said Nijjar. “In many ways, our tech is well ahead of its time.”

To read the whole article please follow the link: https://renx.ca/r2-online-property-investor-marketplace/

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